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PL-3D-5555P Wheel Alignment Machine

Balance Equipment  has a range of auto body tools from Innovative Tools & Technologies, just like wheel balance, car lift, tire changer,and so on, Today We Are Talking About 3D Wheel Alignments,

3D Wheel Alignment Machine is equipped with an industry-leading four-wheel positioning optical system with a 5 mega industrial-grade HD lens and a camera-to-turntable distance of up to 1500mm-2800mm. There is no need to move the camera, thus avoiding bumps and allowing a much longer service life. With a removable storage cabinet, it is convenient to store and not easy to lose.

What Different Between 3D Wheel Alignment And Normal Wheel Alignment? The Born Age, You must think 3D Wheel Alignment Machine is a new technology, It’s actually not. These systems have been around since the mid-1990s, Both technologies have been refined and advanced over the years.

PL-3D-5555P Wheel Alignment Machine

Except accurate and user-friendly wheel alignment features, PL-3D-5555P have many other innovation. When it comes to aligning wheels, the PL-3D-5555P has an extensive vehicle specifications database to give you even more confidence that the results you get from the real-time measurements provided by patented imaging technology, including high-resolution cameras and the industry’s most advanced XD targets, are the ones you want for your customers.

After running an alignment check you can use the monitor to show your customer whether the vehicle’s wheels are aligned or not, and if work is necessary you can explain to them the benefits of having the adjustments done.

If any adjustments are made, complete you can print out a before-and-after report for the customer to demonstrate their vehicle’s status.

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