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What makes Balance the Best

Balance Group has been active in the automotive equipment field since over 25 years as a manufacturer of tyre service equipment products: tyre changers for car, motorcycle, truck and heavy duty wheels, lifting equipment for tyre service and wheel balancers, Paint Lifts, wheel-alignment and testing equipment.

Automotive Equipment | Welding Equipment | Balance Group

01. One Stop Solutions

one-stop shop for everything your may need, with a vast range of professional automotive equipment, tailored to meet any budget.

Automotive Equipment | Welding Equipment | Balance Group

02. Customer Service

Where customer service is concerned, Balance’s dedicated team are always working hard to go above and beyond for our customers.

Automotive Equipment | Welding Equipment | Balance Group

Meet Our Brand New

Balance Group owns four professional brands: UNITE, PULI, APO, HPMM, and PERFECTPOWER, which together serve as an automotive garage equipment expert near you.

Some Reasons to Work

Automotive Equipment | Welding Equipment | Balance Group
We Believe in Best Quality

We were able to provide, high quality products, at a very affordable prices to our customers through innovative designs and production technology, which helped us in reaching the position that we enjoy today.

Automotive Equipment | Welding Equipment | Balance Group
We Believe in Good Relation

We Believe In Building Relationship Rather Than Selling Solutions Only.

Automotive Equipment | Welding Equipment | Balance Group
We Believe in Abilities

We believe in all abilities. And we know that you do too.

One-Stop Innovative Automotive Service Equipment

Balance Group design, builds and develops markets for automotive repair and service equipment. It gradually builds a complete and high-level industry chain of automotive service solutions through the establishment of its subsidiary companies: Nantong Balance, Guangzhou Balance, and Guangzhou Jingjia, offering tyre service equipment, vehicle lifts, car wash system, lubrication equipment, oil management system, A/C recharge solutions and tools.

Why Choose Us ?

Since 1980s as a manufacturer of tyre changers, lifting equipment, wheel balancers, wheel-alignment and testing equipment.



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Balance Group was founded in 2005 and headquartered in Shanghai, with around 870 employees, having 4 production bases in Shanghai, Qidong, and Guangzhou. Its footprints span across 99 countries and areas, rapidly gains reputations from domestic and overseas markets. Balance Group is dedicating to provide reliable and cost-effective automobile repair and service solutions to our customers.

What We Do ?

Never ceasing in our innovative efforts, Balance Group will continue to satisfy customers’ needs and keep our momentum to meet market demands.