If You Notice Any of These Five Signs, It May Be Time to Consider Getting A Home Garage Car Lift

5 Signs You Need a Home Garage Car Lift

It’s difficult to fathom why valuable cars worth thousands of dollars are left outside in the driveway, while low-cost clutter occupies the garage space.

Is it fair for a stunning $100,000 Mercedes to endure the risk of theft and inclement weather, while rusty bicycles and old cardboard boxes of junk occupy the secure and dry garage?

We believe it’s not.

Wondering if a home garage car lift is the right solution for you? Look out for certain indicators that can cause headaches and stress to you and your family on a regular basis. Having a home garage car lift can be the answer to your car storage and parking woes!

Do you experience any of these five recurring issues?

1. Insufficient space to park in the garage

If you consistently struggle to find adequate parking space for your vehicles, you might be an ideal candidate for a home garage car lift.

One of the primary reasons for this problem is garage clutter, which can be resolved with storage systems such as cabinets or slatwall panels for better organization. However, even with an organized garage, parking can still be a challenge for many homeowners. This could be due to limited garage space or multiple drivers in the family. Alternatively, you could be a car enthusiast with a growing collection of vehicles that have outgrown your indoor parking area.

Fortunately, a home garage car lift can provide a solution to your parking issues by effectively doubling your available garage space. This enables you to park a vehicle safely above another vehicle, utilizing the vertical space in your garage. With a car lift, there will be no more arguments between family members over indoor parking privileges.

2. Expanding the garage is not a viable alternative

While expanding your garage may seem like the most logical solution to your lack of parking space, a careful comparison of the pros and cons between this option and getting a home garage car lift reveals the latter to be the wiser choice.

Car lifts designed for residential garages are a far more cost-effective option than undergoing a major garage expansion, which can carry a hefty price tag in comparison, even for just one or two car lifts.

Consider also the other headaches that accompany a major garage expansion:

  • The mess that will be made
  • The duration during which you won’t be able to park in your garage
  • The inability to use your garage for hobbies or other activities for some time
  • The need for securing building permits

Installing a car lift in your garage, on the other hand, involves much less hassle and inconvenience. In most cases, the process can be completed in about half a day.

3. Ensuring the protection of your investments is a top priority

It only makes sense to safeguard the significant investment you’ve made in your vehicles. This is especially true for higher-end vehicles, which are worth protecting by finding ways to park them inside your garage.

There’s simply no good reason to have items with little monetary value taking up valuable garage parking space at the expense of indoor vehicle storage.

Parking your vehicles inside your garage with car lift storage keeps them far more secure than parking in your driveway. They’re also protected from the elements, which can prolong the life of their bodies and engines.

Consider also the convenience of not having to deal with scraping snow and ice off your car or truck multiple times over the course of winter if you live in areas that get snow.

4. DIY Repairs

If you are someone who prefers performing your own auto maintenance, then you know the challenges of working underneath a vehicle, which includes limited space, poor visibility, and the discomfort of using a rolling mechanic’s creeper. Using jacks can also be unsafe.

A home garage car lift is an ideal solution for those who prefer DIY car maintenance. There are three types of car lifts available that make home car maintenance much easier.

Scissor car lifts are the most affordable option and allow access to most areas that can be serviced on a car or truck. However, they do not allow parking underneath them, and many models have lower lifting capacities and heights.

2 post car lifts are another option for home garage mechanics. The hoisted vehicles are supported by arms attached to the two posts, making it easy to access the underside of the vehicle, change tires, and perform brake work. However, most 2 post car lifts do not provide space for parking another vehicle underneath.

4 post car lifts offer the best multifunctional car lift option. Apart from changing tires (since the vehicle is parked on ramps), this type of car lift is ideal for most home car repairs. Moreover, you can safely park another vehicle underneath a hoisted vehicle, which maximizes space utilization.

5. Want another long-term home vehicle storage option

For homeowners residing in colder climates, it can be frustrating to have their sports cars, classic cars, or motorcycles sitting idle for about half the year. Not only does it take up valuable garage parking space, but off-site vehicle storage can also be expensive, costing several hundred dollars per vehicle annually.

Investing in a 4 post car lift to store your seasonal vehicles can pay for itself within a few years. This option is not only cost-effective but also more convenient as you can have your stored vehicles readily available if you need to run them during the winter for maintenance purposes.

Storing your seasonal vehicles in your garage during the winter also provides added peace of mind as your prized possessions are kept in a safer environment compared to a storage unit.

If you identify with any of these five signs, Our 4 post car lifts are certified by Unite Auto Equipment LLC for secure and dependable operation, and they are straightforward to operate.