Home Car Repair Shop Equipment List Under $30,000

Home Car Repair Shop Equipment List Under $30,000

Looking to build a car repair shop at home with a budget of under $30,000? Check out our comprehensive equipment list featuring the best repair and maintenance equipment, from the world’s leading garage and automotive equipment supplier – Unite Equipment.

Sure, I can help you compile a list of equipment for a home car repair shop within a budget of 30,000 US dollars. Here is a table of some of the best equipment and brands in the market, including tire replacement equipment:

EquipmentProduct CodeFeaturesPrice Range (USD)
Car lift (2-post)PL-4.0-2B4 Ton lifting capacity, 4 safety hooks, external locked safety device, telescoping screw pads
Tire InflatorHJ931BAutomatic air inflation with high speed and high level of accuracy,4~10bar/58~145PSI of air inlet pressure,1~7bar/15~102PSI of inflation pressure
Tool DrawerPL-C0078 drawers, ball-bearing slides, lockable, anti-slip mats
Tire changerPL-1206Suitable for cars, motorcycles, rim capacity up to 24″, powerful motor, foot-controlled pedals
Wheel balancerPL-1100Automatic data input, easy weight placement, self-calibration, and self-diagnosis functions
WelderFC-120MIG and TIG welding capability, digital controls, auto-set feature
Lift TableU-DP7Adjustable height, 1 Ton weight capacity, for EV battery, engine
Oil ExtractorHC-408540L capacity, low-profile design, easy-pour spout

Note: Prices are approximate and may vary depending on the retailer and location. It is also important to consider the cost of installation, maintenance, and any additional accessories that may be required for each piece of equipment.

With these pieces of equipment, you should be able to perform most repairs and maintenance tasks on your vehicle. It is also important to have safety equipment, such as gloves, safety glasses, and a fire extinguisher, on hand. Remember to follow all safety protocols and manufacturer instructions when using the equipment.