Efficient Oil Extraction with HC-2297 Pneumatic Oil Extractor – Get Your Engine Running Smoothly!

Introducing the HC-2090 Pneumatic Oil Extractor

The HC-2297 Pneumatic Oil Extractor is the perfect solution for removing and extracting waste fluids and oil from engines and other machinery. This powerful extractor is designed to make the extraction process simple and efficient, reducing the time and effort required for oil changes and other maintenance tasks.

One of the key features of the HC-2297 is its vacuum and explosion-proof integrated mechanism, which has been patented for its unique design. The mechanism ensures that the oil extraction process is both safe and secure, preventing any accidents or hazards from occurring.

In addition to its safety features, the HC-2297 also features a modular cylinder, which has also been patented for its design. The cylinder is designed to increase the speed of oil extraction, making it quick and efficient to use.

The HC-2297 also includes a tool tray, which makes it easy to store and access all of the tools required for the extraction process. The tray is designed to keep everything organized and within reach, reducing the amount of time spent searching for the right tool.

Another key feature of the HC-2297 is its damage-free lifting rod locking mechanism. This mechanism ensures that the lifting rod remains in place, preventing any damage from occurring during the extraction process.

The liquid level display cover is another patented feature of the HC-2297. The cover allows users to observe and measure the oil capacity, making it easy to monitor the extraction process and ensure that the right amount of oil is being extracted.

The HC-2297 also includes a waste oil collection system, which makes it easy to dispose of the extracted oil. The system is designed to keep the area clean and safe, reducing the risk of accidents and spills.

Finally, the HC-2297 features resistant PVC wheels, which make it easy to move the extractor from one location to other location.