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HC-2180 Pneumatic Oil Extractor

HC-2180 pneumatic oil extractor a powerful compressed-air-operated Venturi to quickly extract fluids from reservoirs or directly through a dipstick tube. This model features a stable tank design with two ball-bearing swivel casters and two fixed-axle wheels. Some flexible wands are included, as well as dipstick tube adapters for BMW and Volkswagen brand vehicles. A built-in regulator reduces shop air pressure down to a safe level for evacuation and a backup safety valve prevents over-pressurization.

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●Strong vacuum extraction system, fast, safe, and easy
●Suitable for cars, boats, motorcycles, and small engines.
●Equipped with steel probe holder which is never broken and provides safe protection for suction probes.
●Many diameter of probes(included 5mm,6mm,7mm,8mm)made by copper and flexible PVC.
●Power from the air compressor, safe and easy operation.

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