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U-885 Self-Calibrating Computer Wheel Balancer

The U-885 Wheel Balancer has a laser positioning system for precise positioning of adhesive weights at 6 o’clock position,LED light for better visibility

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The automatic wheel balancer for professional use with laser positioning system and LED light. Equipped with TFT color monitor and 2 electro. Sensor arms for rim width and diameter measurement as well as an auto. program detection(Normal and Alu-S)
New: The U-885 has a laser positioning system for precise positioning of adhesive weights at 6 o’clock position (also possible at 12 o’clock position without laser). LED light for better visibility.
The U-885 has a 40 mm shaft and an extended wheel mount for wide rims, e.g. Porsche, SUV, etc. In addition, the machine is fitted with a foot brake for fixing the shaft during balancing. Help functions are displayed on the monitor. Measuring arm with optical/acoustic operator guidance.
1.Top built quality with CE-certificate, Manufactured according to ISO 9001;
2. Laser positioning system at 6 o’clock position;
3. LED light for better visibility;
4.Measuring arm determines the width of the wheel;
5.Splitting program enables the precise placement of hidden weights, behind the spokes 6.Electronic sensor arm;
7. Large TFT-Colour monitor;
8.Measured values are shown when the wheel brakes;
9.Static and dynamic balancing;
10.Several available programs Normal / Static / Alu1, Alu2, Alu3 Motorcycle, etc.;
11. Integrated calibration and self-diagnostic program;
12.Optional: Motorcycleadapter, Adapter for vehicles without center hole.

Additional information

Product Code


Balancing Modes


Balancing speed

200 r.p.m

Rim diameter

252-610 mm 10"-24"

Rim width

40-510 mm 1.5"-20"

Split and hidden weight solution

Measuring time


Balancing accuracy

±1g(±0.04 oz)

Max. wheel weight

65 kg (143 lbs)

Power supply voltage options

110v (1ph)/ 220v (1/3ph)/380v(3ph)

Option motor power


Noise level

< 70dB

N/G weight

102/123kg (225/271 lbs)

Package dimension

960*760*1250mm (3.1*2.5*4.1ft)