Best Car Lifts In 2019 – Buyer’s Guide And Review

Discusses Some Of The Various Vehicle Lifting Equipments

Vehicle lifts are the wave of the future for car enthusiasts. Automotive businesses have a good sense of what consists of a top of the line lift. As things are changing many people are now looking to do some vehicle maintenance at home, and car lifts will make it easier and faster.

For those car enthusiasts that may want to restore an old car or do regular maintenance, this buyer’s guide is for you. Here, you will learn about six different car lifts that are available today and receive a detailed explanation of the specs and safety of the lift. Take some time to look at these options before purchasing a car lift.

Best Car Lifts of 2019

1. Unite U–T40E 2 Post Car Lift for Auto Repair Shop or Home Garage

Unite U–T40E Two Post Floor Plate Lift

The U–T40E Two Post Lift is versatile and can be used for multiple vehicles just by changing the longer two-stage front arms.

High Lifting Capacity

The U–T40E has a lifting capacity of 9,000 pounds with 112 inches in height and 134 inches in width. It can lift its load as high as 75 inches and low as 4.3 inches. The space between the two posts is 106 inches in length. The lift is portable but doesn’t fold into a trunk of a car. Instead, you should use the bed of a truck. Sadly, this lifting system doesn’t have a safety shutoff switch, and it’s recommended to put the two posts in four inches of concrete for better stability and safety.


We highly recommend the U–T40E those who are mechanically inclined. It comes with floor mounting hardware for extra sturdiness. What’s more, it has a power voltage of 220 volts or 380 volts. The U–T40E motor lifting time is only 50 seconds, and it definitely speeds up vehicle maintenance. For the price and the number of pounds, this lift can handle you will be astonished by how quick the maintenance job is done.

2. Portable Vehicle Lift U-H25A  – Great Auto Lift for Suspension Work

UNITE U-H25A Car Lift

The lift allows the center of the undercarriage to be open for exhaust work and for the tires free to work on the suspension or brake system.

Plenty of Ground Clearance

The U-H25A can lift up to 5500 pounds and raise a vehicle all the way up to 17-inches leaving plenty of room for maintenance on your car. This portable 59-inch frame can collapse your load all the way down to three inches. It is important to know that the weight of the load may shift when lowered or raised. Also, it is possible that the connector may fail if the fitting is not connected correctly.


We highly recommend this U-H25A portable lifting system to those who routinely do maintenance on vehicles. The car lift weighs 265 pounds and has a Standard 12VDC Motor system. It features a welded steel durable box frame along with cantilevered rubber block trays for better functionality. Beyond that, we love the fact that you can do extensive suspension work with ease.

3. UNITE U-H30M Scissor Lift – Great Portable Scissor Lift for Small Garage

U-H30M Portable Mid-Rise Scissor Lift

The design of the U-H30M is made to fit adequately into narrower bays, and it will not take up your garage floor space.

Durable Structure

The UNITE U-H30M vehicle lift is sturdy and durable enough to lift 6,600-pounds. The load can be raised at an amazing high of 48 inches within 25seconds and can go to a low of 4 inches. The solid steel frame support bars provide a strong mid-rise lift to give you access to your brake system. It is difficult to work on the exhaust system due to the positioning of the lift. It comes well equipped with safety locks that have multiple lock positions,  optional drive-by-wire button, and optional mobile control box, and more.


We recommend this mid-rise scissor lift to those who have a narrow garage and a vehicle within the weight capacity. The design of the jack wheels move inward on the stand the higher you lift your load. It includes a portable motor cart that serves as a tow handle for easy maneuvering.

4. U-F40 4-Post Car Lift – Top Rated 4 Post Car Lift

The UNITE U-F40 car lift can make your one car garage into a dual storage two-car garage.

Drive Through Runway

The U-F40 can handle a load up to 8,800 pounds and has a drive-through the width of 105 inches with a runway length of 167 inches. It can lift the load all the way up to 67 inches and as low as 7.9 inches. It comes with a jack tray, drip trays, and a caster kit. The overall height is 84 inches, and the total length is 175 inches. As you raise your vehicle, the U-F40 4 post vehicle lift has a safety valve for anti-explosion of the hydraulic system and equipped with main insurance and rope break insurance on each column.


We are excited about this versatile car lift where the top vehicle is lifted to 67 inches, and the bottom car is pulled through the 105 inches runway for extra storage in the garage. If you need to do maintenance on one of your vehicles, then pull one vehicle outside while you work on the other car. There is an adequate amount of room to work on the suspension, rotating the tires, or changing the oil.

Buyer’s Guide

Vehicle lifts are one of the best investments that a mechanic can have to work on vehicles. It speeds up the process tremendously. The hydraulic systems of today’s car lift can lift the load within 30 to 45 seconds. Many mechanics are reaping the benefits of having a car lift in the household garage.

Some lifts make it possible to double stack cars like the Unite U-F40 4 Post Vehicle Lift mentioned above. Car lifts are becoming more popular among those car enthusiasts and hobbyists that like to restore old classics.

Who can Benefit from Using a Car Lift?

Car lifts will benefit anyone who likes to do maintenance on vehicles at home, small mechanical business, body shops, and at the race track. Some people believe that car lifts are only for businesses, but that is not true. Homeowners with a garage can benefit from owning one as well.

The Benefits of Car Lifts

Vehicle maintenance becomes more accessible with a car lift

If you’re a mechanic by trade or someone who likes to do the maintenance on your investment vehicle, then you will be pleased about the versatility of a car lift. It can make life easier when working on the undercarriage of your vehicle, exhaust repairs, oil changes, suspension replacements, brakes, and the rotation of your tires.

A car lift will protect your investment

Your vehicle is a financial investment that can be protected with a car lift added to your garage at home. It will give more space by raising your car out of the way of other storage items or second vehicle.

By parking your car in the garage, it will protect it from theft and vandalism. With your vehicle in the garage, it will also be protected from weather damage and prolong the life of the body and paint job.