Air plasma cutting machines with build-in compressor

Air plasma cutting machines with build-in compressor

Well noted you are interested in our plasma cutting machines. We also have a popular plasma cutting machine with a built-in air compressor. we have both the popular for the DIY market ( 1/220V) and the heavy industry market. 30mm-40mm cutting thickness). If the customer has these machines at hand, they needn’t the compressor., as this machine already has the built-in compressor.

Air plasma cutting machines

It is very convenient,  as the customer needn’t buy the air compressor and then they can use the air plasma cutting machine directly. We have the 1/220V one 40A output and 60A output current one.  For CUT- 60AIR, it both has the MMA function and plasma cutting function.  The feedback from our customers is very good.  As you see:  our customer tell us that they use our CUT-60 AIR to cut 25mm thickness, the result is perfect.

Air plasma cutting machines with build-in compressor
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As this machine already has built-in air comp[ressor, the customer can just open the package, plug the socket and then start to cut.  It will be the  Industry trend soon.

Really hope you can grasp the first chance with us soon. In addition,  We not only have the one 40A 60A for 15mm or 20 25mm thickness cutting but also have the industrial one CUT-80 120AIR for 30mm or even 40mm thickness.  You can also know more from this link: For more information, please refer to the attachment, we believe it deserves your trial.

What about your suggestions? Waiting for your positive feedback.