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U-150 Heavy-Duty Truck Wheel Balancer

U-150 Heavy-Duty Truck Wheel Balancer

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Truck Wheel Balancer / Complete With Deluxe Adapter Kit and Quick-Chuck

The U-150 truck wheel balancer is specially suited for high‐volume commercial tire dealers and truck fleets. Most bargain brand balancers on the market are simply standard balancers with larger mounting cones. The U-150 is a real truck balancer with real fast startup and braking speeds.


1. Suitable for tyres of truck and bus

2. The memory of measured date and error indication function

3. Various balancing modes for different tyres

4. Manually-operated distance and wheel diameter input

5. Equipped with brake pedal function to locate the imbalance point accurately.

6. Pneumatic tyre lifting platform can mount tyre conveniently and balance various big tyres easily

Additional information

Product Code


Balancing Modes


Balancing speed

200 r.p.m

Rim diameter

252-610 mm 10"-24"

Rim width

40-510 mm 1.5"-20"

Measuring time


Balancing accuracy

±5g(±0.18 oz)

Max. wheel weight

150 kg (330 lbs)

Power supply voltage options

110v (1ph)/ 220v (1/3ph)/380v(3ph)

Option motor power


Noise level

< 70dB

N/G weight

88/103kg (194/227 lbs)

Package dimension

1220*960*1090mm (4.0*3.1*3.6ft)