UB-1100 Wheel Balancer

UB-1100 Wheel Balancer

Product Code: UB-1100 Wheel Balancer
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*Advanced international standard the best of industry      
* Absorbing advanced technology               
*Own research and development, property rights and the high quality service
1.High main with strict heat treatment process makes sure repeated measuring                      
2.High and high computer chip. With and self-diagnosis functions                 
3.LED light & Digital display                     
4.With 5 balancing modes and OPT function. measuring can measure rims from10” to 24”                
5.Equipped with protection ,,full sets of and                              
6.Optional brake for positioning of counter weights                
7.Optional larger and spacing ring, machine can balance rim with big central bore such as that of Toyota coaster,Transit, Iveco etc.                  
8.Optional ,machine can balance,French cars'tyres such as that of Citroen              
9.High for the balancer, high quality service   
10.Easy and safety operation  

Wheel Balancer
Rims Steel, Aluminum alloy
Max Tire Diameter 10"-24"
Rim Width 1.5-20"
Tire Max Capacity 143lbs
Voltage 110V/60HZ/1PH
Horsepower 0.5 HP
Balancing Speed 200 r.p.m
Accuracy 1 gram / 0.04 oz
Cycle Time 8s
Noise Level <70dB
Shaft Size ∮1.6"
Distance Data Entry Manual
Diameter Data Entry Manual
Width Data Entry Manual
Self Calibration yes
Motorcycle tire adpater set optional
Universal flange adapter optional
Shipping Size 45.3*30*37.8"
Shipping Weight (G.W) 277lbs
Warranty 18 months

Unite Auto Equipment offers 18 MONTHS LIMITED WARRANTY because we are confident with our products’ quality and we want to help our customers save money on parts.

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The limited 18 months warranty will NOT cover normal wear and tear. (Plastic protectors, Jaws on the turntable, belts, and gauges).

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•    Provide needed information to find customer warranty.
•    Our technician will ask for the photo or a video for the broken parts or the problem during the operation.
•    Once we confirm that the problem is caused by manufacture defect, we will send the parts for the replacement.

All optional items/Add-ons will NOT be cover by the warranty (Plastic demount head, jaws protectors, ATV/motorcycle adapters, balance weights)

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