Unite Introduces Eco 66 Series Tire Changer Specification and Features

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Eco Tire Changer Introduction

Unite Auto Equipment LLC is proud to present to our customers that we have new internationally patented Eco 66 series tire changers .

The new gear box received national patent in the year 2013, (patent no. is 201320507624.3) and  received international innovation 

patent, (patent no. is PCT/CN2013/085959)

In 2014, the new machine body cabinet received a UTILITY model patent. (patent no. 201420205859.1)


1.Gear Box

Nowadays all tire changers have reduction boxes, with worm disk’s and rod transmission’s, which wastes about 30% from total power. 

With an additional 20% power loss from the driving belt, the real power being produced by the turntable is only about 50%. Tests show torque 

produced at 1100N.m for the turntable, from a 0.75KW motor at 220V. 


Unite Auto Equipment LLC, has many years of manufacturing experience with tire changers and has successfully developed a new integrated gear box, consisting of a redesigned motor and reduction gearing. The new patent gear box adopts a high performance gear transmission and high strength gears, as to greatly reduce power loss and increase gear box life span. The redesigned integration of motor and gears reduces the amount of power loss from the driving belt.
Internationally patented integrated reduction gear box



Features of the new gear box :

The new gear box provides 50% more power than previous models.

The highly efficient direct gear transmission has about 99% of efficient power usage, which means only 1% of power is lost during operation. Tests show turntable torque at 1200N.m from a 0.35KW motor at 110V.

Real torque output is increased while power usage is only half that of the previous motor. For an average 8-hour work day. The previous 0.75KW motor consumes 6KWH power, whereas the new gear box with the 0.35KW motor only consumes 2.8KWH power. So annually, the new model tire changer saves 1168KWH power [365*(6-2.8) =1168]


Unite 66 series tire changers featured configuration:

Integrate power saving and eco gear box 

Aluminum bead breaking cylinder (φ200)

Aluminum 5-way valves 

Aluminum rotary valve 

Aluminum exhaust valve (equipped with built-in bead blaster system )


For more detialed information of our eco 66 series tire changers, please feel free to explore out website


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