How to Use a U6697A Tire Changer

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Unite Automotive Equipment offers tire changers including Tire Changers and U6697A Tire Changer from leading manufacturers. Visit us for inventory blowouts on tire changing equipment and other automotive shop equipment.

Unite’s Tire changing machines come in several different styles. The most commonly used machine is the U6697A Tire Changer which runs on air pressure. This machine has two pedals. One is for breaking the bead of the tire and removing the tire from the rim. It breaks both sides of the tire at the same time. The other pedal is used to inflate the tire. Always be cautious and wear safety glasses when operating any tire changing machine.

1,Place the rim on the machine with the locking stub coming through the center hole in the rim. Place the rim valve stem side up.

2,Place the locking cap on the locking stub and spin the cap until it is snug so the rim cannot move.
3,Place the upper bead breaker on the outer edge of the rim but do not let it rest on the rim.

4,Depress the foot pedal and break the bead of the tire. Once bead is broken move the upper bead breaker arm out of the way and return it to its original position.

5,Use soapy water as a lubricant on the outer bead of the tire. Insert the bead spoon into the tire. While pushing down on the opposite side of the tire pull the spoon back and lock the spoon onto the stub lock. Hold it firmly and press the pedal. The spoon will start turning, pushing the bead of the tire out. Repeat this step for the back bead. Remove the tire.

6,Place the new tire flat on the rim; lubricate both beads of the tire and push as much of the tire as you can onto the rim. Flip the tire spoon around and rest on the rim and lock the spoon on the stub.

7,Press the pedal and the spoon will force the tire onto the rim. Repeat this process for the outer bead.

8, Attach the air hose to the valve stem to begin pumping up the tire. Press the other pedal to the floor and hold it until the tire begins to pump up. Keep your hands clear of the rim while the tire inflates. The maximum pressure should be indicated on the side wall of the tire.

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